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Well, I never played the game. Mario, Peach, and Daisy were in the garden enjoying their little tea gathering. Toadsworth had left a short time ago, stating he had some things to do before he could join them. Without Luigi, the original purpose of the get-together could no longer take place. But even so they still manage to take pleasure in each other’s company. Daisy shrugged.

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Disclaimer: I really wish I owned Harry Potter, but sadly I’m a 13 year old loser who sits here and writes Fanfiction for fun. Seventeen year old Lily Evans turned around to see her two best friends, Brigette Cleremont and Victoria Michaels run towards her. You’re gonna suffocate the poor girl! Brigette stamped her foot. I’m glad to see you too!

Jily Multi-chapter FanFiction Reccomendation (in no particular order) but her partner in action, the Head Boy, is her long hated enemy, James Potter. boredom buster to date – a recreation of the show America’s Next Top.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words As Sawamura Daichi and Kuroo Tetsurou’s rivalry as Quidditch captains reaches a fever pitch, they both begin to feel a pull that breaks the bounds of antagonism.

As Daichi battles with his own stubborn nature running against these feelings, Kuroo faces an even more difficult conundrum. What will he do when these budding feelings threaten his carefree lifestyle and more importantly, his career aspirations? As the pressure mounts, is it even possible that one infuriating Gryffindor could make him put everything on the line?

As both boys prepare for the game that will determine the victor of the Hogwarts House and Quidditch Cups, they must weigh their own emotions against the future they have prepared for themselves. OC: Graces Malfoy, Draco’s twin sister.

enemies to friends to lovers is my favorite trope

They had parties — I had Fanfiction. Fan fiction-driven matchmaking has been around for longer than people have used the term “shipping. For many fans, fan fiction is more than a creative outlet — it’s a way for them to right the “injustices” of writers or producers who refuse to level up the relationship status of characters who fans want to see as more than just loyal allies or mortal enemies.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you clearly haven’t been on Tumblr. For the sake of not turning this into an encyclopedia, I’m going to focus on fan fictional ships that haven’t actually happened in canon.

A collection of SuperCorp Fanfiction from AO3, , and more to Lovers | Enemies to Lovers | Friends With Benefits | First Date Fics.

Author’s Note: I decide to write a fanfic about this couple mainly due to the lack there of. There are a lot of rare pairing that I could write about but this one really caught my eye. In the end, I hope this story make some people more interested in this couple at least. The sun had risen and hung itself in the sky over the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom. Its soft morning rays gleamed off the green field just east from the Kingdom. Lying on that luscious green grass was a familiar young man dress in green and blue.

Luigi laid under the comfortable shade of a tree; his mind wondering over his thoughts. The princess was safe for the time being so both he and his older brother Mario had some times to themselves. But it wasn’t their latest adventure that buzzes through his head. It was the recent relationships that started over the past year. After years of rescuing her numerously from the evil Koopa King Bowser, Mario had finally worked up the courage to ask Princess Peach out on a date.

News about their hook up traveled fast and soon they were the main talk around the Kingdom.

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Wendy’s relationship is no better off. When the two starts to date, they form an unusual yet loving relationship. With their families and friends in the.

In retrospect, she really should have thought this through. Best Canon Fiction Clarke is trapped in a stupid time loop, and guess who’s trapped with her? Then Kane sends them on a diplomatic mission to the Delphi Clan. They have some adventures and learn to get used to one another again. It’s got the perfect curve to it, feels so good when he fucks her, but while Bellamy gets Clarke off in every way he can think of, he can’t bring himself to let her return the favor.

So, they work on it.

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Countdown to the end have already started. Some of you readers have similar questions to the story. If you continue on reading, I promise your questions will be answer within the next few chapters. Wendy had found Kassie’s room just down the hall from Luigi’s.

People say a lot of things about fanfiction readers. Three common ideas: they’re just interested in happily ever afters; they’re just interested in.

Mario, Wendy, and Roy stood in stun silence after hearing the surprising news about Kastoadra’s pregnancy. After about a minute or so, Mario became the first to recover. Doctor Truffles nodded. The red hero sighed and ran a gloved hand through his hair, wondering why the young toadette didn’t inform them sooner. Then again, with all the excitement that happened today, the indigo toad probably didn’t have any time to tell them and might have temporary forgot. Either way….

Wendy recovered soon after Mario and turn to her disguised brother with worry.

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With that, she left Keroro to patch up the floor. Geez, how was it his fault that he didn’t know that the termite-wolf-hedgehog hybrid ate wood and it went through the underground crevices? It wasn’t. He didn’t know that they would somehow escape from his room.

The following article is a /tg/ related story or fanfic. Each story loosely constituted a date or some outing, most of them tying together without any strict Behind Enemy Lines; Digging In; Reconnaissance; Casualty; At Ease.

View Badges! TailsXZooey-FanClub gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. You’re not here because you’re not logged in. EddyLarsson Visited here 1 day ago Isn’t a member. If other characters appear, including them, it’s ok to put them in this folder. Thanks and Enjoy!!! After a long time since my last TailsXZooey fanfic, I bring you Fellow Decepticons another new short story based on Tails and Zooey, only this time with a Welsh feeling to it.

D on March 1st.

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