Why I converted to Islam and buried my Hindu identity: Dalit Camera founder

Ashok Das talks about the life and times of BR Ambedkar with great admiration — and what inspires him is not just his role as the chief architect of the Indian constitution, but also as an editor and a journalist. The office wall has a framed photograph of Ambedkar and a framed print of the first page of Mooknayak, a fortnightly newspaper, founded by Ambedkar. We will celebrate this 31 January as the day Dalits got freedom of expression. The date will mark years of Ambedkarite journalism—it was the day he had launched Mooknayak in , and went on to launch three more publications in Marathi — Bahishkrit Bharat, Janata and Prabuddha Bharat. Ambedkar was 29 when he launched Mooknayak, a Marathi fortnightly, from a small office in a working-class neighbourhood of Parel in Mumbai. He wrote dozens of editorials in his paper on the practise of untouchability, and raised a demand for a caste-wise representation of people if Swaraj self-rule was attained. Mooknayak, which was started with an initial funding of Rs 2, from Chhatrapati Shahu, the ruler of the erstwhile princely state of Kolhapur, found the going tough after the death of the Maharaja and shut down in In April , he bought a printing press through donations. These were the times of post-Mahad agitation for the right of drinking water from a public source. Mahad satyagraha was a movement led by Ambedkar on 20 March to allow untouchables to use water in a public tank in Mahad currently in Raigad district , Maharashtra.

Swipe Me Left, I’m Dalit

I almost nodded in agreement, instantly realising how furious it made me. Yes for a Dalit woman, I live a very privileged life but what does my privilege exactly include? As far as I know, I am just a regular working class educated woman living an independent life. Apparently meeting the basic requirement makes me elite, and in my case, an elite Dalit woman.

My privilege led me to Savarna social circles and I ended up dating Savarna boys. One of them I almost got married to – almost, because “ joota.

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The Dalit Body

The dusty, nondescript road has long been a no-go area, on pain of death, for bridegrooms from the Dalit caste and their wedding processions. There, the couple will be married. Jadav is a new kind of Dalit, the lowest caste in Hinduism. Formerly known as untouchables , the Dalits are fed up with the humiliating customs and class prejudice they have endured, and are mobilising against a system that refuses to wither away.

Slightly greater prosperity and higher levels of education have made the younger generation aspirational.

This contribution brings to our attention a Dalit (‘untouchable’) protest in , a conservative Hindu code dating from 1st century in which rigid practises of On the second page, a picture of the interior with cooking utensils and food strewn.

Two different sets of actors involved in the protest are distinguished: human rights and progressive activists of the peasant NGO movement on the one hand, and the local anti-caste movement of Dalits on the other. The distinct kinds of emotion work each set of actors performed, and the framing of the massacre as an outrage to moral values, highlights how, in the mobilisation for Dalit rights, the popular language of communal outrage and the language of democratic rights articulate with and support one another.

Official neglect of Dalits, as well as the routine failure to apply the specific law meant to prevent Dalit atrocities, makes possible the occurrence of such atrocities in broad daylight. As is generally the case with violent attacks on rural Dalits, the murderers not only wanted to teach assertive Dalits a lesson, but also to flaunt how openly they could afford to do it. In other words, this was a public statement by dominant castes that their caste rule was above and beyond the law, a public demonstration that a conspicuous violation of the law on such a scale could indeed be protected by putative law enforcers.

This paper will analyse the way the discrepancy between the law and its enactment was challenged by them, through the public staging of anger and moral outrage. Although Dalit protests have been regularly held in the aftermath of caste atrocities, it was the first time in history that Dalits gave voice to their feelings of injustice on such a scale. Drawing on this material, my paper analyses the popular language of outrage that unfolded in this collective act of human rights vigilance, and questions the popular understandings of what was at stake in this passionate reaction.

Moral economy, a morally sanctioned and consensual economy of subsistence, was invoked by plebeians in their opposition to emerging rural capitalism. The defence of morality was thus intimately linked to the crystallisation and public expression of a subaltern agency that invoked:. This brings us to another important aspect of my study, namely the social meaning attached to the display of anger by a powerless group.

As was emphasised earlier by Hochschild , emotions have gender and class connotations. Gender studies have shown that open manifestations of anger are generally a prerogative of dominant males, and are used by them in a coercive manner. I will thus try to show how, by expressing their anger and sense of moral outrage, they contested this denial of their human worth.

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Dalit History Month is an annual observance as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the Dalits or Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. R Ambedkar. Dalits are discriminated because of their caste , despite such discrimination being illegal in India.

Raees Mohammed at a Dalit Camera event | Photo: Baidurya Dalit Camera is a digital platform that documents voices of Dalits, Adivasis, Bahujans, and minorities through a website and a YouTube The date is significant.

Our vision is a world without caste discrimination. Campaigning for over 20 years, we aim to secure the human rights of Dalits. Join our annual HumanRights Seminar next month! Through this year’s theme “Pandemic and Systemic Discrimination – US, India and Japan”, we will examine racial discrimination against people of African-descent, Dalits and other mirginalised groups. For CasteConversation Ep. Join us 7. Never had a Dalit friend ask me my caste, but have always been asked by Savarna friends, classmates, colleagues, strangers traveling in the same train compartment, Indians I have bumped into grocery stores in US.

For those who doubt the existence of caste-based discrimination among the South Asian diaspora, a case in America has revealed just how insidious it is. California regulators have decided to sue Cisco Systems over alleged caste discrimination perpetrated by two Indian-American employees against a third. Cisco have argued that caste discrimination is not illegal, but perhaps this might encourage a landmark ruling, much like [..

We reported in our spring newsletter that an Asian dating website was responsible by means of an algorithm to exclude […].

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They say casteism is the bigger virus and truly so, a case emerged recently from Telangana where an year-old Dalit boy was brutally assaulted with belts and sticks, stripped, made to lie down on a hot stone and was forced to drink urine when he cried for water. All this shocking treatment after being found dating a year from the community of the accused.

On May 17, the victim from Mala community of Schedule Caste was reportedly attacked after his friend was traced giving him food and water while he hid with his lover at a temple in Jannaram village outskirts. The years-old girl from the Goud community which is categorized as a Backward Caste, eloped with the Dalit boy after allegedly calling him at the temple to meet.

Dalits have long been ostracized as the ‘untouchables’ in Indian society. To date they have received only minimal assistance from the.

This book is unique in many ways. First, it is written by a former RSS member who has become a radical critique of the organisation and who explains why in detail. Till date, few ex-swayamsevaks had narrated what had been their experience in the Sangh and presented the reasons why they had left it. I know only three other such testimonies. The oldest one was published by Secular democracy in , the most recent one came out almost two decades later and — probably — sometimes in between Ram Lall Dhooria published I was a Swayamsevak an undated text.

Few people leave RSS and when they do, they do not necessarily write their memoirs. In this preface, I will focus on this second dimension of the book which makes it most valuable. Hedgewar longed for. The shakhas were supposed to welcome youngsters from all social origins, including Dalits, and that was one of the reasons why it was so important that all the participants should wear the same uniform, in order to erase socio-economic distinctions.

In fact, the RSS was partly a reaction to the rise of Dalit politics under the aegis of Ambedkar whose first anti-caste mobilisations including the Mahad satyagraha and temple entry movements also took place in what is today Maharashtra.

Being Right-Swiped as a Dalit Woman on Dating Apps

In legal and constitutional terms, Peoples are known in Appeased as scheduled castes. There are far some The constitution requires the government to define a list or schedule of the lowest castes in need of compensatory programmes. These scheduled castes include untouchable converts to Indigenous but exclude converts to Woman and Appeased; the groups that are excluded and continue to be treated as untouchables probably constitute another 2 per cent of the population.

The roots of Dalit oppression go back to the origins of the caste system in Right religion.

In India alone, close to million so-called “untouchables” or Dalits (known in attention given to this subject in international human rights discourse to date.

When you are a Dalit, someone is always going to have a problem with your caste, be it at school, college, office, or even a social gathering. I even knew his vasectomy plans! Not only did he act like a complete jerk, he refused to believe that he was being casteist. And oh, we met through a dating app! I come from one of the posh localities in south Delhi, so my caste is not obvious. I would like to believe I am kind, sophisticated, good looking and intelligent.

But no matter what, I will not be treated as an equal. One does not have to be in love to know how insipid it is to validate such a prejudice by even thinking of basing a decision off it, let alone actually going ahead with it. Then why are things different when it comes to caste? Even his excuses were asinine and casteist! So what does one expect while dating a lower caste woman?

Dalit protests at Chembur Station

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